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Hostosis Weekly Update [Week 1]

Server Hosting/Minecraft + More




Hello and welcome to the first-ever blog on our brand new website Hostosis strives to provide out-of-the-world support, services and hosting to ensure every project gets off the ground.

We are here to talk about our services and answer any questions you may have.

Website Hosting

Game Hosting/Bot Hosting


Minecraft Server Hosting

Okay, so you are wanting a Minecraft server? Well, you are in the correct place for that.

The first thing to ask yourself… would you like a modded, vanilla, or spigot server? This could mean a big difference when it comes to pricing for the server.

So why does a modded server cost more?

I’m going to use the example of Skyfactory 4 (One of the lighter modpacks) ” 4gb is the recommended amount of ram for a client to use to run the mod pack. ” 

A Sky Factory 4 server only needs 4gb of ram 3000 MB but here is the problem with that, if you have it at 3gb the more you play on that server the more laggier it will become and if you have friends joining you it will do the same so if you want my suggestion for ram it would be 5gb to be on the safe side.

5gb of ram will allow you to have the mod pack and friends join the server and even give you some room to install some plugins onto the server.

If you don’t know how to install plugins to a modded minecraft server here is a link to one of our tutorials on how to do so. https://linkhere-for-test


Minecraft News

Mojang has yet another snapshot for us with some minor yet impactful changes. Snapshot 21w17a brings yet another change to the Raw Ores texture.

They have also updated the caves and added a new cave called the noodle caves Fun!


They say it is “thinner, squigglier, and more claustrophobic variant of spaghetti caves’ ‘ Who doesn’t like claustrophobic yay.

If you would like to read more about the snapshot you can here


Hostosis News

The latest news in Hostosis

We now have 3 different countries where you can host your server in setup 

Warsaw, Poland

Kansas , USA

Beauharnois, Canada

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